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High Winds and Cowboys

Happy Halloween!


It’s been another busy week. We had a storm here at the beginning of the week and as things don’t work well in the UK at the best of times, the next day was mayhem getting to work. Not for me however, I’m working from home for the week, woop! So I watched through my window in the early hours as my neighbour’s fence took a hammering and garden furniture got destroyed and thought thank god I don’t have anywhere to be. We got off lightly in my area, not even the internet went down and considering it’s dodgy on a normal day, I was surprised!


The lads and I had a little Halloween gathering earlier in the week and the Americans turned up in all kinds of random costumes. There was a big cowgirl and cowboy turn out, great costumes, but I don’t get it. When I was a kid Halloween was about witches and maybe Dracula if you were feeling really adventurous but Marilyn Monroe, really?? Still there were bobbing apples (which was much more difficult than I remember) and pumpkins a plenty. Sadly my homemade cat burglars outfit didn’t win best costume but I did find lots of random goodies in my ‘Swag’ bag the next day. 

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